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Don't Waste Time in Stewart Detention Center

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No one should be able to violate your rights. If you're being unfairly detained or facing unjust criminal charges, you need dependable legal representation. J. Britt Thames Attorney At Law will pair you with a local immigration attorney in Macon, Georgia who can build your case and present it in court effectively. Don't walk into immigration court alone. Hire a dedicated local attorney today. We offer legal services throughout Georgia and the Carolinas.

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Don't Waste Time in Stewart Detention Center

Spend time with your family in the Macon, GA area

Stewart Detention Center is one of the largest ICE facilities in the nation. Detainees are often facing significant immigration charges and at risk of prompt deportation. If you or a loved one is being held in Stewart Detention Center, you need to speak with an immigration attorney at J. Britt Thames Attorney At Law immediately. Our law firm is based in Macon, GA and helps clients in the surrounding area.

Don't let ICE tear your family apart. Reunite with your loved ones by working with an experienced immigration attorney today.

Reduce your risk of deportation

Individuals in Stewart Detention Center are at a much higher risk of deportation than those outside of the facility. However, when you have an immigration attorney who is willing to challenge the system, you have a much better chance of winning your case.

J. Britt Thames Attorney At Law will go above and beyond to assist you by...

  • Translating important documents and speaking on your behalf, if needed
  • Diving into the details of the law to build your case
  • Presenting your case in court and advocating for you in front of a judge

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