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It's the American dream: pursuing a life of opportunity in the United States. Obtaining citizenship isn't an easy process, but you don't have to do it alone. You can work with an immigration attorney at J. Britt Thames Attorney At Law to file the required paperwork and take the necessary steps toward becoming a legal permanent resident or obtaining your citizenship. We work with clients in Macon, GA and throughout Georgia and the Carolinas.

If you want to pursue U.S. citizenship, an attorney at J. Britt Thames Attorney At Law can help. Call us today to arrange for your consultation.

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There's a lot that goes into the immigration process. Luckily, having an experienced immigration attorney by your side makes every part of the process easier.

You should work with a citizenship attorney at J. Britt Thames Attorney At Law because...

  • We handle immigration cases throughout the state of Georgia.
  • We can help you file for a work visa or permanent citizenship.
  • We will represent you during any necessary court proceedings.

A dedicated immigration attorney can help you understand the laws and make sure you take the necessary steps to obtain U.S. citizenship. Get started today by calling 478-621-7557.

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