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Criminal charges can put your future - and your reputation - in jeopardy. Hiring a criminal defense attorney can increase the chances of getting your charges reduced or dismissed. We provide representation for individuals facing felony and misdemeanor charges in Macon, Georgia and Middle Georgia areas.

Law enforcement agencies in Macon, Georgia takes drug charges very seriously. If you've been arrested for possession or trafficking, contact J. Britt Thames Attorney At Law today.

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When those red and blue lights show up in your rear view mirror, it can cause your stomach to drop. Being arrested in Macon, Georgia comes with significant consequences.

If you're caught driving without a license or arrested for DUI, you could:

  • Get a ticket
  • Lose your vehicle
  • Spend time in jail

J Britt Thames represents clients charged with DUI, Driving Without a License, Felony Drug Charges, Misdemeanor drug charges, possession of marijuana charges, and more.

Being arrested can be scary, but you need to cooperate with law enforcement. You should never resist arrest, even if you're trying to prove your innocence. A criminal defense attorney at J. Britt Thames Attorney At Law will help you build a strong defense after the fact; fighting the police will only make matters worse.

Don't speak to the police without an attorney present. Call 478-621-7557 today for representation. J Britt Thames will provide representation to clients in Macon, Georgia and Warner Robins, Georgia

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