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Diana Recommends JERRY THAMES

(Translated by Google) Excellent Service !! Represented my fiance's brother while detained by ICE in immigration court and DUI Proceedings. Was successful in his case and got him out of Stewart Detention Center with his Permanent Resident Approved !! Mr. Thames and Eric were very kind, very helpful and very knowledgeable in immigration law and DUI's. On Behalf of all the family we are so grateful that we were able to find an outstanding lawyer. We can not tell you enough of how kind and professional they are. The prices are very reasonable and they will work with you to help you out as much as they can. Also let's not forget to mention that they speak Spanish and English which is a plus. We Highly recommend him and we will always be thankful for them. Thank you so much.

If you have had problems with DUI or a family member has been detained by ICE in the state of Georgia. Mr. Thames is the best lawyer you can find. They are very reasonable with the prices and they also speak Spanish. My fiance's brother was arrested by ICE and Mr. Thames was able to remove him from the detention center and with his approved residence. In the case of thanks to God and the lawyer everything went well and the family is very grateful to them. We recommend them for our personal experience with them in this case. Thanks Mr. Britt and Eric!


– Diana

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